Shakespeare, Selfies, and Everything In-Between: The Fun of Learning English at GoSchool

Teaching the Cambridge A Level English Language programme has been an amazing experience, not least of all working with students who are engaged and utilising their critical thinking skills. We could run this programme over five years and never run out of things to talk about!

We have been exploring the world of English language from its first inception to the integration of compounded, blended and loan words from foreign invaders to the modern neologisms of the digital age and the slang of social media and text-speak. It has been a very interesting journey! Did you know how many words in modern usage came from the Vikings, or from Shakespeare? This has led us onto the exploration of really interesting debates from contemporary linguists about the question of ‘dumbing down’ or the benefits of a constantly evolving English language – do you take a ‘prescriptivist’ or a ‘descriptivist’ approach?  We are constantly referencing the wonderful David Crystal, OBE, for his insight into all matters linguistic, and his son, Ben, who is now following in dad’s footsteps as a leading expert on the language of Shakespeare. What an amazing duo! And this is before we get to the theorists who are experts on the language of gender, authority, and political jargon. Everyone has an opinion on the English language!

Our studies also focus on taking deep dives into language analysis in a range of text types, from text messages, travelogues, biographies, interviews, newspaper articles and editorials, fiction writing and political speeches and blunders! What an amazing and eclectic range of study. Where do we begin and end? Students quickly become more aware of the language devices and techniques which surround them every single day; on billboards, newspapers, magazines, advertising, slogans, jingles, information leaflets and, not least of all, song lyrics. We have journeyed around the world dipping into travelogues and memoirs exploring time, space and moments of political significance. We have dipped into writing by a wide range of authors from Anita Desai to Benjamin Zephaniah, exploring their fabulous choice of words to create visual pictures, suspense, atmosphere, strong points of view and comedy. How lucky are we in our present day and age to have so much access to resource materials via the World Wide Web and TV! We should never take it all for granted.

In the words of Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr “Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.”

– Written by Mrs. Caroline Lincoln – Senior Teacher of English

You must have gotten a fair idea about how we make learning languages fun at GoSchool! From exploring fascinating debates to diving into diverse text types, our approach to English language education is exciting and interactive. With admissions now open for students from 6th to 12th grade, there’s never been a better time to join our vibrant community. Come be a part of the adventure at GoSchool, where learning is engaging and every word matters. Apply today and let’s embark on this journey together!