Click, Connect, Conquer: How Friendships and Camaraderie Flourish Online at Go School

In today’s technology-driven world, online schools such as Go School are
offering a viable alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar schools. In our
previous blogs, we have talked about the various aspects of online
schooling. In this blog, we explore how Go School classrooms succeed in
building friendships among students.
One of the reasons parents are sceptical about online schooling it that they
assume that the absence of physical proximity would not allow their child to
form meaningful friendships with peers. Nothing can be more far from the
truth! Go School subscribes to various digital platforms and interactive tools
that offer students plenty of opportunities to connect with, befriend and form
long-lasting relationships with their peers. Our online classes, no doubt,
foster a sense of community.
Go School gives students access to dedicated virtual spaces that are
specifically meant for social interaction. These platforms simulate a
congenial communal atmosphere similar to a physical campus. There are
discussion forums, chat rooms, and group projects where students can
engage with each another. These online spaces are the modern-day
equivalents of a school yard or playground. In this school ‘yard’, there is no
dearth of spontaneous conversations. Both casual interactions and
meaningful debates forge long lasting camaraderie among students.
Go School supports collaborative learning through group projects that not
only develop students’ team building skills but also result in social bonding
among them. Working together towards a common goal consolidates
learning and also enhances social and communication skills. Cooperating
on assignments, sharing ideas and overcoming challenges together builds
a sense of solidarity and belonging that lays the foundation for meaningful
Structured academic activities aside, Go School also provides facilities
such as extracurricular clubs that nurture shared interests and hobbies
outside the confines of the virtual classroom. Activities such as book clubs,
creative writing, music, dance, etc bring together like-minded individuals
who share common passions and pursuits.
Go School believes in safely tapping the potential of social media platforms
and messaging apps to facilitate communication and bonding among
students. Thus, in addition to the school’s official platforms, a plethora of
digital channels are at students’ disposal to connect with peers, share
experiences, and forge friendships.

We, like all other online schools, have a diverse student body as we are not
confined by geographical boundaries and attract students from diverse
backgrounds, cultures, and locations. This diversity enriches the social
fabric of the school, exposing students to a wide range of perspectives and
experiences and fostering an inclusive environment where friendships can
flourish across borders and boundaries.
Go School organizes virtual events and activities that serve as catalysts for
social interaction and community building. Whether it’s a virtual talent show,
a game night, or a themed dress-up day, these events provide students
with opportunities to connect, have fun and bond with their peers in a
relaxed and informal setting.
Absence of physical proximity may initially appear challenging, but Go
School students have ample opportunities to make friends and cultivate
meaningful relationships. These relationships are just as genuine and
enduring as those forged in traditional brick-and-mortar institutions. As
technology continues to advance and online education becomes
increasingly prevalent, the factors promoting friendship and social
interaction among online students will continue to evolve.

– Written by Ms. Meera Datye, Senior Advisor, Student Success, GoSchool