Gen Z Mystery Unveiled: The Secret Sauce of Independence!

Today’s blog post is dedicated to all those Gen Z students at GoSchool & other places who are struggling to get away from the hold of their parents but still are confused about what real independence means.

What  does the word “independence” mean to you ? Have you ever pondered? Is it only about “Getting freedom” as most students often misconstrue?

Independence is not a luxury but a privilege that comes with a responsibility. Let us decode the whole concept of independence in a righteous manner with utmost consciousness. “Independence” has three aspects associated with it:

• Independent Behaviour

• Accountability

• Freedom

Independent Behaviour: Doing everything by ourselves. Things as simple and basic as Brushing teeth , nature’s call, eating food to keep track of assignments, charging laptops, making timetables or driving a car etc.

Accountability: The most critical and important aspect of independence is accountability ! We all have heard the saying that with great power comes great responsibility so does it come along with every new independent behaviour or habit or skill we adopt. For instance, self driving means ensuring the responsibility of driving in the right manner following all road safety norms, directions and safeguarding the interests of others and ourselves while in the driving seat.

Freedom: It is our birth right and we all deserve it. But we must learn to “value” this Freedom. Hence, we must understand that the concept of “freedom” is actually a reward for the newly achieved independent behaviour. For instance, the freedom of self driving is an outcome of learning the skill of driving responsibly with all rules and safety guidelines. This reward is executional only after clearing the driving test. Thus, freedom is a by-product of your newly acquired independent behaviour. And if you commit a mistake in this new behaviour, chances are that this freedom will lapse.

In a nutshell, the term “Independence” can be illustrated by an independent action backed by accountability of that action followed by the freedom to perform it with free will.

The term ‘Independence’ encompasses more than just obtaining freedom; it’s about embracing independent behavior, being accountable for our actions, and valuing the freedom that comes with it. At GoSchool, we understand the importance of instilling these skills in our students. Through our holistic approach to education, we empower them to develop independent thinking, take ownership of their responsibilities, and appreciate the value of their freedoms. By nurturing these qualities, we equip our students with the tools they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world, where independence is not just a privilege, but a necessity for success.

– Written by Ms. Palak R Chaudhary, Faculty, GoSchool