Master Exams with GoSchool’s Revision Techniques

Preparing for exams can be daunting, especially in an online learning environment where the responsibility lies heavily on the student’s shoulders. But fear not! With the right revision techniques, success is within reach. Here are some snappy strategies to help both students and parents navigate the revision journey:

1. Flash Cards
Flash cards are more than just colourful notes; they’re powerful tools for memory retention. Instead of spending hours making them, opt for pre-prepared ones available from trusted sources. Test yourself rigorously, sorting cards into “mastered” and “needs work” piles. Repeat until every concept sticks.

2. YouTube Videos
When a concept needs clarification, turn to YouTube. Pause, rewind, and rewatch until it clicks. Consult your teachers for recommended videos tailored to your exam board. Don’t forget about lesson recordings provided by your online school—they’re gold mines for quick refreshers before diving into practice questions.

3. Social Media
Follow social media accounts recommended by your Go School teachers. These bite-sized tips and teachings can supplement your learning in an engaging way.

4. Use the Specification Document
Don’t guess what’s on the exam—consult the specification document. It’s your roadmap to exam success, highlighting what you need to know, including those tricky math and practical skills.

5. Past Papers and Mark Schemes
Embrace the challenge of tackling past papers. Practice, mark, analyze, and repeat. Websites offer question packs sorted by topic, making self-assessment a breeze. Learn how exam boards want your responses presented—it’s the key to cracking the code.

6. Revision Plan/Timetable
Break down the colossal task of revision with a structured plan. Prioritize challenging topics early and revisit them throughout. Be honest—focus on areas that truly need attention. Remember, it’s not about revising everything but mastering what matters.

7. Interleaving
Avoid the trap of one-and-done revision. Return to topics multiple times throughout your revision period. Research shows that interleaving boosts memory retention, so mix it up in your plan.

With these revision techniques in your arsenal, conquering exams becomes a manageable endeavor. Stay focused, stay organized, and remember, practice makes perfect. Good luck! 📚✨

Written by Ms. Helen Reid, GoSchool Faculty – Biology