What next after Grade 10th, and why is it important to prepare and apply now?

Options after 10th      

One of the most important milestones of a student’s life is completing class 10, after which they start the journey of higher secondary education. However, choosing one of the three streams (Commerce, science, and arts) is difficult, especially when facing peer pressure and the obligation to follow their parent’s wishes. 

Most students prefer to select between science and commerce as they are regarded as the best options after the 10th class. Forcing oneself to study something that does not align with their interest or capabilities proves to be burdensome in the future. Therefore, careful decision-making bereft of the ‘’following what others are doing mentality’’ is incumbent. 

Choosing between Science, Arts and Commerce

After 10th class, which course is best? This is the kind of question that students often seek an answer to either from their teachers, parents or friends. Furthermore, the most vital decision that they must make is related to the particular streams. 

Science – Inclination towards engineering and medical studies is a crucial factor that students must note while choosing science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology). On the other hand, people who have a keen interest in mathematical calculations and engineering can select Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. In fact, some of the best courses after 10th include science-related subjects. 

Commerce – Students often keep researching after 10th which field is best, and they get varied answers, making it difficult to make the right choice. But if they are interested in making a career in business and finance, commerce is an appropriate choice for them. Besides, they get to study subjects like business studies, economics, mathematics, etc., helping them prepare for a successful career in trade, financial marketing, marketing, etc. 

Arts/Humanities – Contrary to the prevalent misconception that studying Arts provides limited career opportunities, it is one of the widest streams. Hence, students interested in exploring  subjects like psychology, sociology, anthropology, human resources, political science, history, geography, and journalism can choose Arts. 

Self-assessment and understanding of personal interests and strengths

Apart from conventional academic studies, students often explore after the 10th class which field is best; in fact, doing a vocational course is a good step towards upskilling oneself. However, before enrolling in any course or training program, it is essential to determine your interests. Here’s how students can conduct a self-assessment: 

  • Find career-related questionnaires online. 
  • Answer the questions honestly. 
  • They can also find personality-related questionnaires and answer them accordingly. 
  • They can take online aptitude tests, the results of which will provide insight into their skills and capabilities, which can be very helpful in choosing the best course after the 10th class

Future Career Prospects and Career Demands 

‘’Science and Commerce are superlative and will always have scope in the future’’- this statement has been repeated throughout the decades. So naturally, parents insist their children choose these streams; thankfully, such concepts are losing their relevance and will have no significance in the future.

The main reason is that the future belongs to skilled and talented individuals; hence, one can choose science and strive to become a doctor or a dietician. So, searching for the best course with a high salary will be of no use if the student, in the long run, loses interest while pursuing the course.

All streams have varied scopes, and students can avail multiple opportunities in the future due to increased career demands. 

Importance of preparing and applying now

Early preparation for higher secondary education or enrolling in a course or program is essential as it will help them gain appropriate knowledge and training. Furthermore, after enrollment, they will not have difficulty understanding; instead, they will be able to grasp the meaning of core concepts faster. 

Why choose GoSchool after 10th grade?

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