I feel highly privileged to assume the position of Academic Director at GoSchool – The career-focused School with the New Age Hyflex Learning. I am finally working within a system that ticks all the boxes, personally and professionally.

Having taught in and led schools internationally and in the United Kingdom since 1987, I have always had great faith in learner autonomy and agency; systems that promote robotic regurgitation do nothing to facilitate practical understanding and do not develop the critical skills required to succeed in higher education and beyond.

I have witnessed exemplary practice and sadly, archaic working methods that frankly do not belong to the 21st century. I am excited and enthused by what we offer at GoSchool. Our dynamic and modern ethos revolves around effective interaction and students learning how to learn. At the core of our programme is the essential concept of Hy-Flex Learning. This allows the students to explore learning from a range of perspectives, within a range of scenarios and within a totally flexible and dynamic setting.

Students are expected to take ownership of their own learning, providing them with an excellent foundation for entry into universities and colleges in India and overseas. Go School seamlessly offers a programme of study that provides a purpose-built approach to study in India, guaranteeing complete compatibility with the Indian streaming system. Conversely, students can create their bespoke learning pathways, with passion and engagement being the key to everything we do here.

We are very privileged in our ability to offer the prestigious Pearson Edexcel programme at A Level and IGCSE, a widely acclaimed curriculum that is very highly regarded indeed. We take great pride in delivering a curriculum based on key concepts, skills and processes and essential content. Students feel inspired by such an approach and feel assured that the team is highly experienced and able to deliver learning programmes in an accessible and vibrant fashion. 

Personally, it is wonderful to reacquaint me with India again. Having first ventured here in 1986, it shall be exciting to see the apparent changes when I conduct my regular visits.  However, as an organisation that places great emphasis on culture, it shall be reassuring to discover that the unique experiences rendered by a visit are still evident for all to see.

I look forward to meeting you all in the near future. You can trust our institute and us to educate your children to become effective and productive global citizens. Watch this space as I shall publish a host of entries that clarify everything we do.

Hywel Bennett MA Ed, BA (Hons), PGCE
Academic Director GoSchool