Benefits of Homeschooling

Hey there! Is the perpetually transforming education system making it difficult for you to decide where and how to carve a personalized educational journey for your children? In this blog, we will explore a possible solution, an innovative alternative to traditional schools-homeschooling but with a twist.  

What’s Homeschooling?

Homeschooling refers to providing tailor-made education to children from the comfort of their homes rather than enrolling them in traditional schools with a standardized curriculum for all and an outdated teaching approach. Homeschooling is the process of building a flexible and dynamic learning environment where learning focuses on the intellectual and emotional development of the child.

Let’s uncover a few advantages of homeschooling:

  1. Personalized Education: In a traditional education setting, teachers have to cater to the needs of an entire class, unlike in homeschooling, where they focus on each child’s interests and abilities to curate a curriculum and provide them with an educational experience customized to their pace and style of learning along with personalized feedbacks.
  1. Flexibility: The child, parents, and tutor may all play an active part in curating a personalized curriculum and choosing an appropriate examination board for the career and progress of the child. In homeschooling, both children and parents have a sense of autonomy in scheduling classes and choosing times that are ideal for them. With Hy-flex learning, students can enjoy the flexibility of attending technology-led virtual and physical classrooms for a transformative school experience.
  1. Individual attention: Unlike in a traditional classroom, teachers provide one-on-one attention in homeschooling, helping them gain a deeper understanding of concepts, clarify doubts instantly, and learn at their own pace. Teachers identify the learning needs and help children foster a deeper connection with the subjects they are interested in by paying close attention to their activity and progress.
  1. Safer Environment: With the rising concerns regarding school safety, homeschooling ensures your child is in a safe environment that helps them focus on their goals without worrying about bullies, mistreatment by teachers, unsafe commutes, negative influences, uniforms, peer pressures, and other stress-inducing factors that are present in traditional schools.
  1. Increased involvement: Parents can partake in the curation and process of their child’s education by monitoring their progress and providing feedback and guidance to their children. Active involvement helps strengthen the family’s bond and establish a deeper understanding of students and their interests. Parents can engage in discussions regarding their child’s academics with teachers on their own accord at a time that suits them best.

In summary, homeschooling is reinventing the education industry for new-age learners by providing a learning setting that caters to their cognitive processes, academic inclinations, career goals, and interests rather than forcing them into a learning environment with a standardized approach that may not be suitable for all. 

Homeschooling has various advantages for both; children and parents, including individualized learning, one-on-one attention, flexibility, security, and more.

There are tons of apprehensions when we hear the word – Homeschooling; What about accreditations, curriculum, board, social interaction and so on. 

At GoSchool, we offer a simple, solid, and straightforward solution to fight these apprehensions to homeschooling. We are here with our hybrid byfles model of highschool which combine the flexibility of homeschooling through online classes but without having to miss them out on important factors of growth and development – peer learning and social interaction. 

In GoSchool’s hybrid model, we make sure that through our student clubs, meets, extracurricular activities, festivals, MUNs, the element of social learning is protected. Your child gets the best of both worlds, that they deserve.  

We implement the foundations of traditional teaching and transformative methods in contemporary learning, with faculty from across the globe to help students receive maximum knowledge and experience. Our cutting-edge approach has enabled us to manifest India’s first career-focused Hy-Flex highschool into the education industry.

Being affiliated with Pearson Edexcel, one of the leading providers of international education programs, in our approach, we envision a diversified education system where knowledge does not only stem from the content in textbooks but from being creative, curious, practical, and passionate; we thrive to focus on bringing the best in your child. Our students are exposed to numerous advanced learning tools and technologies to help them achieve academic and personal goals.

Prepare your child for success by providing a unique and progressive educational setting with GoSchool. Join us today and help your child reach their full potential in the comfort of an ideal learning environment.